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301 redirects tell search engines that the URL of a page in your site has changed and tells them where to go to find the new page. If you have old URLs that are different than the URLs on your new.. It just means that Google has not crawled the page yet and has not figured out the content has been removed. John Mueller, a Google Webmaster Trends Analysts, explained on Twitter that if Google.. You'll find it very easily — just click on the unwanted Google search result. Next, go to your Google Search Console and choose Go to the old version and Google Index > Remove URLs . In the next view, choose Temporarily hide and enter the exact address of the page you wish to removed

GET ALL OF YOUR OLD URL ADDRESS with mentioned methods, via backlinks, and via existing flawed google sitelinks, get as many of them as you can. then 301 them to appropriate new equivalent pages on the new site. and do not forget to submit a sitemap after you are set and done with all of above Verify both sites in Google Search Console. Make sure you verify http://, https://, http://www and https://www versions of both domains. Set up 301 Permanent Redirects from the old domain to the new domain. Use the Google Change of Address tool to tell Google that you've moved from one domain to another Google Talk Plugin Video Accelerator version: I have updated the index.html file of my website and in other browsers my newly updated website is showing up without doing anything to other browsers such as Safari but in firefox the old website is still showing up?? Open chrome, press F12 (or Right Click and Inspect element), click the Network tab. Go to your page with the network tab open. Sometimes it will tell you in the size column where it got it from. You can also check the Disable Cache checkbox and reload the page

What is interesting is that the new website is now indexed in Google BUT the old website domain is also still indexed in Google? I even checked the Google Cached date and it shows the new website with a cache date of today. The redirect strategy has been in place for about 30 days You should be able to ask google to re-index your site. http://www.google.com/webmasters/. sign in. click on your site (if not added then go through the process to add your site) click add/test sitemap. give the url of the new sitemap. click submit sitemap. Share. Improve this answer

Earlier this year, web developer-bloggers Tim Bray and Marco Fioretti noted that Google seems to have stopped indexing the entirety of the internet for Google Search. As a result, certain old.. Why Google Shows Old Domain in Search Results Despite 301 to New Site August 12, 2015 at 4:35 am PST By Jennifer Slegg People have often noticed when they move a site from one domain to another, using a 301 redirect, that it seems that old domain will kick around in the search results for quite some time, even after the new one is indexed

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Google doesn't own the web, and can't remove content from the web. The images in Google's search results are controlled by the webmasters of the sites that hosts those images. If you don't own the site on which the image appears, you should ask the webmaster to remove the image or block it from search engines. Who on Geni can help me with this My domain still loads my old website. Check your DNS settings. It's possible that your root domain (mysite.com) could be pointing to a different website than the WWW version, (www.mysite.com). To correct this, pull up your site's DNS records Google can't crawl URLs blocked in your robots.txt file, which usually results in them not showing up in search results. If you've submitted your sitemap via Google Search Console, it should alert you about issues related to this. Go to the Coverage report and look for Submitted URL blocked by robots.txt errors Search engine and page description changes not displaying; Deleted content or disabled/hidden pages displaying; Although the text in search results pages is decided by Google's technology, you can add suggested text with site, SEO, and page descriptions. This process also applies to other search engines

How to remove your website or web page from Googl

  1. Here are 11 things to do if your website isn't showing up on Google search. 1. Check if it is indexed by search engines yet It is very simple to check if your website has been indexed by Google by typing site:yourdomain.com into the search box
  2. Once the redesigned site was launched, however, I found that the renamed and/or deleted pages with the.asp extension were still showing up in the search results on my site. Fortunately, Google makes it very easy to fix that. Go to the sites link in the Control Panel of your Custom Search
  3. If the URL is still live on your site after 90 days, then Google will probably add it back to the index and start showing it in the search results again. To permanently remove a URL, use method #2 or #3
  4. If your website isn't indexed on Google, start by creating an account on Google Search Console. This allows you to direct Google to your sitemap.xml and request it to crawl and index your URLs. It's important to remember, though, that Google doesn't guarantee site indexing, and if your site is new, it may still take time to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs)

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Google will crawl a website to index image and page URL's updating those results to their search engine. Myspace has a high Google search rank so there's a possibility that your profile will show up in Google search if it's public. Why is my deleted content still showing up in Google search? Deleted content will still show in Google. I can 410 every page from the old .php site (Wouldn't this tell Google to stop trying to crawl these pages? Although these pages technically still exist, they just have a different URL and directory structure. Too many to set up individual 301's tho). Or. I can do nothing and wait for these pages to drop off of Google's radar. What is the best. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for How do you get Google to stop serving up the old page in its search results? Getting It Off Google. Taking steps to confirm that your old page doesn't pop up on Google Search doesn't mean that it's removed from the entire internet. That will require many more steps, so we're going to focus on eliminating the Google Search problem for now

Old content still showing up in Google search results? Google might not find that content important. August 17, 2018 functionmarketing. Google explains how crawl rate can be used as confirmation that a page is OK to remove from your website, and thus their index ≈ Comments Off on Old content still showing up in Google search results? Google might not find that content important. Google explains how crawl rate can be used as confirmation that a page is OK to remove from your website, and thus their index Old content still showing up in Google search results? Google might not find that content important Google explains how crawl rate can be used as confirmation that a page is OK to remove from your website, and thus their index. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article UPDATE: This article was posted 3 years ago when Google changed Google Search interface and people were trying to find ways to get the old interface back. Now Google has changed the Google Search interface again. They have moved all the tabs such as Images, Maps, YouTube, News, Gmail, Play Store, etc from top menubar to a grid like interface which can be accessed using a button given at the.

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I have updated my website but the old one is popping up still

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You can use 301 redirects to redirect pages, sub-folders or even entire websites and preserve Google rankings that the old page, sub-folder or website(s) enjoyed. Rather than tell Google via a 404, 410 or some other instruction that a page isn't here anymore, you can permanently redirect an expired page to a relatively similar page to preserve any link equity that old page might have The old links still appear because Google and other search engines may not have the current information updated in their search index. How and when to send Google a request to remove information Google will eventually index updated Twitter information, but if you'd like to request Google to do it sooner, follow these steps

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I have made changes to the website many times since 2/15/2010. None of these changes have been picked up by Google. It is still showing the same page-titles and description. My website was crawled on 2/13/2010 and hasn't been crawled since. I have never had this problem before. Usually my changes are picked up by Google within 2 to 3 days at most I've deleted my IE8 browser history several times. Not only that, but I've also set the IE settings back to the default. Although the history itself does get deleted, when I click or type in the URL/address bar, the names/info of sites I visited, say, a week ago still pop up Google without a doubt hasn't slithered your site to see the progressions you executed. Contingent upon the size and prominence of your site, it could take some time before these progressions reflect in query items. Here are a few proposals to sup.. Google Search Console is a wonderful way to understand search engine issues and optimize your site for Google. Fetch as Google is an option available for webmasters to check how a web page will look when Googlebot crawls that page. Google renamed the tool in new interface as URL Inspection with functions remains modified Google Images. The most comprehensive image search on the web

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Google Trends Google app Do 301 redirects from the old URLs to the new URLs. This will tell the search engines and users that the pages have moved and where they are now. This also associates the old URL with the new URL for Google which means all of your old incoming links will now be associated with your new pages Well, if you aren't too comfortable that your previous (embarrassing) searches being shown up on the Google search bar, here are ways to turn it off.. i. To stop Google.com from showing previous searches when signed in. Using this method, any browser apps will have the similar configuration as long as you're signed in with the same Google account

Proper 301 in Place but Old Site Still Indexed In Google

Solved: Hello! I made a new weebly website and want to publish it with the web address of my old weebly website (that is still online now). How do Google's index won't honor the take down request until it re-crawls your profile, which could take a few days. It is also important to note that this change only affects visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo — not searches within Facebook. You will still show up in Facebook if someone searches your name in the native.

Google knows a lot about you, and serves you up search results based on what it thinks you want to see. These results will always include local results, so if you were featured in your local newspaper for doing something really stupid when you were 19, that might show up here Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages

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Sign in - Google Account Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with a rich experience for community conversations. Google Groups. All of your discussions in one place. Organize with favorites and folders, choose to follow along via email, and quickly find unread posts UPDATE: Sadly, Google has now removed photos from search results. I recommend you read this article on long term SEO practices for blogging instead.. One of the most important things you can do for your search engine rankings is to set up Google Authorship.. This is where Google displays a little photo of your handsome mug next to any results that you have authored (I'll show you how to set.

Google and other search engines recommend that you attempt to get in contact with the administrator of the news websites that have published the negative article about you or your company and request that they delete the derogatory story. Because the administrator's of online news publications can be difficult to find and get a hold of, and because even if you do successfully get in touch with. Also, Google notes that not all links will be removed from search (detailed here), so you may just want to be mindful of the thoughts and pictures you share on the Web if they will impact you.

There are 4 common reasons why your business isn't showing on Google Maps or Google local search. These are 4 common local SEO issues we find while helping our clients increase their presence in Google Maps search results The problem is that the old website (next to the new one) still shows up. I've tried re-crawling the old website under /public in the Google Search Console, but that did not do the trick. We want the old site to disappear from Google completely At times, Google may index a webpage or part of your website that you do not want the public to see. This can be especially important if your site displays personal data such as credit card information. Please read our article on Webmaster Tools if you have not yet set up an account. Removing a webpage from Google Search Result How to remove URLs from Google search results: Prerequisite: Google webmaster tools account for the specified site, verified by either HTML Meta tag or uploading XML Verification file. Steps: 1. Verify your ownership of the site in Webmaster Tools. 2. On the Webmaster Tools home page, click the site you want. 3 i remove all the cache and content from all the sites . when i type my email in the search , the same results are showing even though i removed everything . i tried remove outdated content in bing and google.i also sent feedback.But still it is showing in the search results.i dont know what to do next.Can anyone help m

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I changed my strikingly.com URL, why is the old one still appearing? I added more tags, why isn't my link showing up on Google? This is showing up because the Strikingly url site hasn't been re-indexed after you have connected your custom domain or changed your URL. Google indexes websites once every 2-5 days or even longer Update old content that is still valid Let's start with an example: On our blog, we have an article on meta descriptions that needs constant updating to keep it relevant. We just have to make sure it stays up to date with all the changes Google keeps making to the way it handles meta descriptions

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Hi, I am desperate in removing this old shop page off the website and use the url for my new shop page. When I change the slug for the new shop page into the old shop URL as shown above,it will bring be to the old shop page instead of the new shop page Search millions of videos from across the web. Everyone ages 16 and up can get the COVID-19 vaccine. Find a vaccination site near yo there are links on public websites to a Private, anyone with the link album; So the first step in removing your image from Google Search is to change the album privacy to any level except Public or to Private if links were posted to a public website. Note: this option no longer exists since Picasa Web Albums is disabled

Even if you delete all or some of your activity, Google still maintains records data about the way you used its web browser related to the deleted data — if you search for something, it'll still keep a record of the fact that you searched for something at that specific time and date, but not what you specifically you searched for, according to the company's website If you're seeing your pages appear in the search results with modified titles, check whether your titles have one of the problems described above. If not, consider whether the alternate title is a better fit for the query. If you still think the original title would be better, let us know in our Google Search Central Help Community Googlebot then adds the documents it has collected to the Google index. When someone types a word or phrase in the search box, Google pulls all web pages pertaining to the search term from this index. Sitemap. However, Googlebot should be able to find your website, and there are ways to do this

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Search Console tools and reports help you measure your site's Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search result Update (February 27, 2019): Google have announced domain-wide data in Search Console, which combines all subdomains and protocols of a domain, http, https, www, and non-www.. Old answer: Google Webmaster Tools treats HTTP and HTTPS as separate sites and you cannot inform Google using Google Search Console, that you moved from HTTP to HTTPS since the address move tool does not support protocol.

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Google decided to show a different meta description. The most common reason that Google shows a different meta description than the one you provided, is that they think that their snippet is better (for that search, for that user).. Google's aim is to help users to get the right content to answer their questions, and to solve their problems Up next, it's time to turn off personalized search results through Google. Unfortunately, there isn't really a way to stop Google from gathering data on what you search, so if you want to use an alternative, try DuckDuckGo. However, you can still edit your search in Google Chrome to ensure each search you make shows you unpersonalized results Google Search Console is a free tool offered by Google to help website owners monitor and maintain their site's presence in Google search results. Adding your sitemap to Google Search Console helps it quickly discover your content even if your website is brand new Example here is it showing my estimated time to home from work, The problem now is I've moved 50 miles away and its still fixing me in my old home address even though I'm nowhere near it. I've trawled Google search to see how I can update my SSID location but there is no tool

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Opt out of showing photos on Google Local and more; Still no joy? Report a photo appearing on Google (Search, Maps etc) If there's still a photo showing up on Google Map or in Search results that should be removed and banished forever to the big Google bin in the sky, and you've tried the above, report a problem and let them know Look, Bing got it exactly right! Google, on the other hand, has taken a small liberty here and flipped Perrill to the beginning of the title in the search results. Well, at least Google got the meta description right. Why Google Sometimes Ignores Your Titles and Descriptions. Remember what we said before Googlebot and all respectable search engine bots will respect the directives in robots.txt, but some nogoodniks and spammers do not. Google actively fights spammers; if you notice spam pages or sites in Google Search results, you can report spam to Google Google doesn't want to give those powers above to just anyone, so Google requires webmasters to complete the Google Search Console verification process before they can manage their sites. Thankfully, this process is pretty simple, and there are a variety of ways in which you can verify your website with Google Search Console I always got Google captcha, 70% of my keyword when using google search, and another website who uses captcha. The most annoying part is, the captcha question showing up over and over again, I just count it a couple minutes before I post this comment, I was answering 8 questions, and the images showing up very slow, I need almost 5 minutes, that's a lot of time wasted

9 Reasons Your Website Isn't Showing Up On Google (and How

Hiding text from users and only showing it to search engines is an old spam technique. Today there are Google-approved ways to hide content. More than ever, there are valid reasons to hide content. Answer: On the second page of Google. Sure, it's corny. But there's still some truth to that statement. 75% of people will never scroll past the first page on a Google search. That means you can't afford to be ranking on the second, third, or fourth page. You just won't get the clicks and traffic you need to make SEO worth your time and. However, the listing itself on Google Maps and the search results still has that huge red closed label. This is great news for those of you who have been struggling to get rid of these listings Google has long been under fire from photographers and publishers who felt that image search allowed people to steal their pictures, and the removal of the view image button is one of many changes.

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A cached page is a snapshot or a version of a web page saved at a specific time and stored by a web server as a backup copy. Checking a cached version of a page instead of the current live version is useful if the original page is unreachable due to an Internet congestion or if the website is down, overloaded or slow, or simply if the web page has been removed by the site owner Similarly, the process of de-indexing a Google search result means that the actual webpage still exists, but you won't find it when you search for it on that search engine. While de-indexing is a great way to reduce the chances that people will see this content, the reality is that even when a site is de-indexed, the source webpage is still accessible, and still a potential threat

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That's why most existing lists of Google search operators are outdated and inaccurate. For this post, I personally tested EVERY search operator I could find. Here is a complete list of all working, non-working, and hit and miss Google advanced search operators as of 2018 A lot of advanced search engines let you put a * in the middle of your terms to denote anything. Google does too, but it doesn't always work the way you want.However, you can still get. Google Desktop not showing results or options in browser Hello For those who have the same problem when they have installed Google Desktop and they can see results only in the popup window but the browser won't open to display all results, I have found the solution The most popular search engines in the UK are Google, with around 90% of the market share, Bing, and Yahoo.It is a similar picture worldwide. All search engines serve nationwide results, based on the reputation of a website and local results, based on the proximity of the user to the business.. Google, for example, has many country-specific engines (e.g. www.google.co.uk) that help Google.

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