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Rachel is also very annoyed by her father's vicious treatment of Ross. Jill and Amy Greene Dr. Greene's relationship with his other two daughters isn't very clear. It's possible that he didn't seem to hold them in high regard due to Jill's saying that Rachel is the only one their father is proud of About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. The One With The Red Sweater (season 8) - It's revealed that Ross is the father of Rachel's baby. The One Where Rachel Is Late (season 8) - Rachel gives birth to their daughter, Emma. The One Where Monica Sings (season 9) - Ross and Rachel argue over their dating lives, and Rachel moves back with Joey David Schwimmer & Jennifer Aniston Ross and Rachel (also known as Roschel) is a romantic pairing between Ross Geller and Rachel Greene. This relationship is one of the main plot lines of Friends and seems to be the One True Pairing or endgame of the show. Prior to the show, unrequited lov

Jill Green: Ross very briefly dates Rachel's spoiled younger sister Jill (played by Reese Witherspoon) after her father sends her to New York to take lessons from Rachel in self-sufficiency. Although Jill actually finds Ross a geek, she dates him out of spite because Rachel is uncomfortable with it and tells her she's always wanted what she couldn't have Rachel tells her father the wedding will be on February 2nd. This is six days before her birthday. This is the only episode that Dr. Greene is seen inside one of Ross' apartments (ones he owned). Ross is the only one of the main characters in this episode to wear the same clothing throughout the entire episode Always worried that he would lose Rachel to someone more attractive the way he had in high school, Ross got so clingy with Rachel that he ultimately drove her away. While you could argue that both of them have grown as people since this initial breakup, there's little indication of this growth, and Ross's possessiveness could very well sink the relationship again 9 When Rachel Gives Ross Bad Relationship Advice (Season 2, Episode 4) Before the whole list fiasco, but after Rachel finds out that Ross had feelings for her, he's happily dating Julie. Thinking that they're friends, Ross confides in Rachel about how to move forward with Julie in their relationship, physically

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Jack Geller is the father of Ross Geller and Monica Geller and husband to Judy Geller, portrayed by Elliott Gould. He is best known for his ill-timed, inappropriate comments, such as addressing Emily's father while in London as a thieving, would-be-speaking-German-if-it-weren't-for-us, cheap.. This is the case for Ross and Rachel. They have divided viewpoints on everything, whether it's minimal or a much bigger issue. Their conversations only go one of two ways: they either yell at each other or put up with each other. Ross even fires a nanny that Rachel loves because he's uncomfortable with a man being so gentle and nurturing Friends Season 8 Episode 8 The One with the StripperIf You Want To Support This Channel:https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_i..

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In Season 5, Ross met and fell in love with Englishwoman Emily, the daughter of Rachel's boss. So smitten was he that less than two months into their relationship, Ross both asked her to move to America to be with him and to marry him. Rachel, obviously still in love with her ex, was devastated by this turn of events Incident #8: Marriage Fan Decides That He Should Get Married With Rachel Without Asking. After finding out about Rachel's pregnancy, Ross decides they should get married. But he forgot one important thing: she had to agree with this. Even if he was thinking about the baby, it doesn't mean this is actually the best choice for her Ross was in love with Rachel when they were teenagers, but she never noticed him, and seeing him having the chance to finally date the girl of his dreams is something most of us can relate. Rachel was not always friendly to Ross when they were teenagers, and she had the chance to do things right this time Together, Ross and Rachel have a daughter, Emma. The role of Rachel was originally offered to Téa Leoni, the producer's first choice, and Courteney Cox, both of whom declined, Leoni in favor of starring in the sitcom The Naked Truth, and Cox in favor of playing Rachel's best friend Monica in Friends Ross and Rachel broke up because of the infamous we were on a break fiasco. Rachel clearly stated that she thought the two should take a break, and then was upset that Ross went along with it

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Ross doesn't inform Mona of Rachel's pregnancy, while Rachel goes to dinner with her father, Dr. Greene, and tells him, which leads to him becoming angry that Ross didn't want to marry Rachel. He goes to Ross' apartment while he is on a date with Mona and confronts him The only way Ross and Rachel's father can get along is by putting down Rachel. Joey gets a job teaching acting for soap operas, and tries to sabotage one of his students who is auditioning for the same part on All My Children as Joey is Friends Season 10 Episode 13 The One Where Joey Speaks FrenchIf You Want To Support This Channel:https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted.. Directed by Gary Halvorson. With Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc. Phoebe and Joey purposely set Ross and Rachel up on bad dates in the hopes they'll get back together. Monica and Chandler babysit Emma In the scene @bronniieee shared, Ross and Rachel are speaking to Ross' dad, when suddenly the scene cuts and someone else is standing in Gould's place..

Ross and Rachel. Rachel and Ross. On the popular television show Friends, the relationship between Rachel Green and Ross Geller spans the entirety of all 10 seasons.Unlike more stable couples such as Monica and Chandler, or even Phoebe and Mike, Ross and Rachel make up and break up several times throughout the series Ross heads back to Long Island with Rachel after her dad has a heart attack. But when she tries to get him to sympathy sleep with her, he won't do it because he feels like he'd be taking advantage. This leads to a conversation where they suggest maybe they should never have sex again (Season 6, The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad.) Neither relationship ends well. In reaction to Monica and Chandler getting engaged, Ross and Rachel decide to have a bonus night together, but the plans go up in flames when Monica catches the two kissing and accuses them of stealing her thunder Directed by Gary Halvorson. With Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc. Phoebe tries to teach Joey to speak French for an audition; Ross and Rachel head out to Long Island after her dad has a heart attack

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Before Nuclear Dad could enter, Rachel was saved by a random woman named Kory Anders, who questioned Rachel if she had any answers as to her identity but to no avail. Kory gave her a photograph of herself as a baby, surrounded by her mother and nuns, with it being marked St. Paul's, 2005 But if you think about it, Ross was actually a pretty big jerk and didn't really deserve to end up with Rachel. Tap to play or pause GIF NBC / Via omgtooreal.tumblr.co Rachel Elizabeth Zane, J.D. is an attorney and former associate and paralegal at Specter Litt, the daughter of Robert Zane and the wife of Mike Ross. 1 History 1.1 Season 1 1.2 Season 2 1.3 Season 3 1.4 Season 4 1.5 Season 5 1.6 Season 6 1.7 Season 7 1.8 Season 8 2 Relationships 2.1 Mike Ross 2.2 Louis Litt 2.3 Donna Paulsen 3 Trivia 4 Appearances Rachel grew up under the shadow of her father.

Directed by David Schwimmer. With Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc. Chandler finds out that Monica had a bachelorette party with a stripper, even though they promised not to have bachelor/bachelorette parties. Rachel takes Phoebe along to dinner with Rachel's dad, because she is afraid her dad will be really angry when she tells him she's pregnant Ross tries to warn Rachel of what a bully Tommy is, but she does not believe him, assuming he's just making up the stories regarding Tommy's outbursts of anger in order to split them up so he can have Rachel all to himself (and considering that Tommy had learned of Ross' past with Rachel and witnessed how awkward they were around each other to his own bemusement, it is likely that he guessed. Ross and Rachel are the king and queen of questionable decisions. 19. When they forgot about said drunken Vegas wedding. Tap to play or pause GIF NBC Only in Las Vegas. 20. Ross. Ross and Rachel would always complain to the four others about their relationship when they should've just sat down together and discussed their love life like adults. He crossed the line. It's a bad idea to date any of your friend's siblings Directed by Gary Halvorson. With Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc. Ross jeopardizes his career when he starts dating a student from one of his palaeontology classes. Rachel and Phoebe's apartment catches fire

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David Schwimmer has finally weighed in on one of the great pop culture debates of our time: Were Ross and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) on a break on Friends when Ross slept with another woman?. Yes. Rachel and Ross had argued a lot and had an off and on relationship.This led to baby Emma Green Bing.Rachel and Ross were in Las Vegas and got drunk,Which led them to get married,Making Ross's third divorce.Ross had also cheated on Rachel during their relationship. Rachel had never said a goodbye like she did the others, and Ross shouted at her If Ross truly loved Rachel, he would allow her to go through with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, instead of making her stay in New York, with a job she wasn't happy enough with. While, to most people, Ross and Rachel may just seem like an imperfect couple, if you look further, their actions often get worse than that Directed by Kevin Bright, Gary Halvorson. With Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc. Ross and Rachel hit the freeway together when Monica's Porsche shows up again; Chandler and Monica go off to Vegas to find Chandler's estranged dad As for Ross and Rachel, all they remember is that he loved her and she ignored him. It's not really the same. 6 He's Much More Romantic Than Ross. Just look at what Chandler tells Monica when she wonders if he's going to hate not experiencing any firsts with a new woman ever again

Rachel: God, no wonder my parents were so stressed all of the time! Ross: Come on Rachel, it'll get better. Rachel handed the baby to Ross. She sat down on the couch and stared at him. Rachel: Take care of your daughter, Ross. I'm sure you know more about it than I do! Ross: Rachel, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry, but this will get better Directed by Michael Lembeck. With Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc. Elizabeth's father takes an instant disliking to Ross. Joey almost gets fired from Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E. after offending the operator of the robot. Phoebe writes a book based on Monica and Chandler Friends is one of the best TV shows of the nineties - actually we'll go as far as saying the best TV show ever. But there is one tiny, little part that makes us want to throw our screens out the window. And that's Ross Geller. Ross Geller is the worst character, literally, ever. And if you don't agree I'm here to change your mind because, he truly is the worst person ever The One With the List. In order to pick between Rachel and Julie, Ross made a ~huge mistake~ by taking Chandler's advice to create a pro-con list about what he likes most and least about each of them As Ross and Rachel chat to his parents, Jack and Judy, it becomes apparent between takes that actor Elliott Gould wasn't there for the whole thing. Netflix Instead, a stand-in actor was used in.

Mike Ross Is Returning to 'Suits' One Last Time. Here's Why Jessica Pearson Got Disbarred on 'Suits' and What's in Store for Her Next. What Happened to Robert Zane on 'Suits'? Fans Miss Seeing Meghan Markle's TV Dad A fan posted on Reddit Ross opened an umbrella in the pilot that and this led to a curse. They wrote, When Ross is in the coffee shop meeting Rachel, his umbrella opens up unexpectedly, inside; this begins a 7-year bad luck streak with Rachel. Once the curse is lifted, Rachel tells Ross that he's going to be a father As for how ross supposedly treats rachel bad when she's. Had the baby if you remembEr correctly rachel is the one that starts dating first and she explains to ross she wants to move on therefore ross trys to move on too,rachel gets upset and jealous which is kind of her own fault as she suggested moving on

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  1. Ross' plan to make Rachel fall madly in love with him is to sabotage any type of relationship or love interest that she has (always behind her back, of course) and act like her friend in order to.
  2. Monica and Ross might be siblings, but they don't always act that way. They sometimes get very close to each other. It's not in a brother-sister kind of way. They are often very touchy-feely and get very close physically. Also, they also sit on each other's laps. It sometimes feels uncomfortable to see this. 9 Ross And Rachel's Tap
  3. Rachel tries to confess her feelings to Ross, but he gets off the plane with Julie — and the new gal is sweet, but she's clearly just a foil to their plot
  4. The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break The One The Morning After The One Without The Ski Trip The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad The One Where Paul's The Man The One With The Rin
  5. Ross: Whew! That was a brisk ride! Rachel: Take the top down did ya? Ross: Only way to fly. (Rachel laughs.) Rachel: Come on Ross give me the keys! Monica does not know what she's talking about! I am an excellent driver! Ross: You're fast and irresponsible. That adds up to a bad driver. Rachel: Well in High School, that added up to head.

He also played Matthew's on-screen dad in Fools Rush In and on an episode of Scrubs. Read More: Fans have determined the most hated episode of 'Friends,' and Ross and Rachel haters will probably agree; 17 little-known facts about 'Friends' even fans might not know; The first and last outfits of 10 characters on 'Friends Michael James Mike Ross is a former lawyer and junior partner at Specter Litt, a former legal consultant/supervisor at the Eastside Legal Clinic, with whom he had a legal partnership with, and a former investment banker at Sidwell Investment Group. He is married to Rachel Zane. He was hired by Harvey Specter, a senior partner at Pearson Hardman, as an associate lawyer, despite Mike not. Friends child star Noelle Sheldon, 17, who played Ross and Rachel's daughter pokes fun at Chandler's 2020 joke Haha! She delighted fans with the hilarious comment as she referenced the episod Ross goes to a tanning salon but fails to follow the 'simple' instructions. Joey and Rachel struggle to make the transition from friends to lovers. Monica and Phoebe try to avoid an annoying woman that used to live in their building We're The Millers. Obviously Ross and Rachel are divorced. Their split started out amicably enough, with promises about always staying friends and being good co-parents for Emma's sake, but things went downhill pretty quickly after Rachel accepted another job in Paris and Ross accused her of resenting him for begging her to stay the last time she'd tried to move overseas

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  1. She even started dating Elizabeth's dad. Oh, and constantly lied to her parents about Ross being crappy (which led to her father essentially breaking up Ross and Mona). Worst
  2. Ross and Rachel have broken up over each other's faults; Rachel thinks Ross gets too possessive and Ross thinks Rachel is more focused on her career than she is on him. But they never let their differences keep them apart — only together. 13 Chandler Overcame His Fear Of Commitment For Monica
  3. There are many reasons to reconsider including Rachel Green and Ross Geller among the best TV couples of all time. Not only are they selfish, jealous and immature — but they also don't trust each other. When either one tries to move on with someone else, sabotage mode kicks in

Rachel had just discovered she was going to have a baby, with Ross as the father, and it would only have been too easy to have them slide from co-parenting to cohabiting a life together RACHEL: C'mon, I'm not saying it was a bad movie, I'm just saying, you know, it was a little. . . hard to follow. ROSS: I told you there was going to be sub-titles Premise. Rachel Green, a sheltered but friendly woman, flees her wedding day and wealthy yet unfulfilling life and finds childhood friend Monica Geller, a tightly wound but caring chef.After Rachel becomes a waitress at West Village coffee house Central Perk, she moves into Monica's apartment above Central Perk and joins Monica's group of single friends in their mid-20s: previous roommate. Aug 23, 2011 - This Pin was discovered by Jasmine Hyde. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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Jul 3, 2018 - 18.8k Likes, 78 Comments - Friends 1994-∞ (@centralperk.apartment20) on Instagram: Rachel's Dad didn't really like Ross The one where Rachel tells her father she is pregnant and Ross is the father. She takes Phoebe with her. So Rachel's father goes to Ross's apartment while Ro..

Joey kisses Rachel's mother to distract her from Rachel's dad...they were both at Rachel's Birthday party, and since they had recently gotten a divorce, the gang tried keeping them from seeing. Anthony Hopkins, Actor: The Silence of the Lambs. Anthony Hopkins was born on December 31, 1937, in Margam, Wales, to Muriel Anne (Yeats) and Richard Arthur Hopkins, a baker. His parents were both of half Welsh and half English descent. Influenced by Richard Burton, he decided to study at College of Music and Drama and graduated in 1957. In 1965, he moved to London and joined the National. Ross and Rachel screencaps from the episode The One Where Joey Speaks French from season 10. Rachel's dad has a heart attack, so she goes to Long Island, accompanied by Ross, to visit him. 991478 Ross goes on to have Emma with Rachel, but they never discuss Ben Credit: Getty - Contributor In Friends, for example, my role was not too present. They only really needed to hire one twin. Ross and Rachel screencaps from the episode The One Where Joey Speaks French from season 10. Rachel's dad has a cœur, coeur attack, so she goes to Long Island, accompanied par Ross, to visit him. 991482

Ross and Rachel screencaps from the episode The One Where Joey Speaks French from season 10. Rachel's dad has a hati, tengah-tengah attack, so she goes to Long Island, accompanied sejak Ross, to visit him. 991483 Rachel's dad has a heart attack, so she goes to Long Island, accompanied by Ross, to visit him, which leads Rachel to want sympathy sex with Ross, but he turns her down since he thinks it's not a good idea. Rachel, the next morning, becomes mad at Ross because of this and he says they should never have sex again, saying it's off the table Explore Around the World with Ross & Rachel's photos on Flickr. Around the World with Ross & Rachel has uploaded 1952 photos to Flickr

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Benjamin Ross was Harriet Tubman's father. By 1840, Ben, was manumitted, freed from slavery at the age of 45, as stipulated in a former owner's will, though his real age was closer to 55 In Season 1, Rachel dates a charming illiterate named Paolo, who is from the part of Italy that invented a-spicy meat-a-balls. He speaks nearly no English, but Rachel was in need of a tool to emotionally devastate Ross (more on that later), and Paolo was the perfect tool for the job Ross grew up on Long Island with his parents, Jack (Eliott Gould) and Judy (Christina Pickles), and his younger sister, Monica (Courtney Cox). In high school, he had a crush on Rachel Green. Ross and Rachel screencaps from the episode The One Where Joey Speaks French from season 10. Rachel's dad has a coração attack, so she goes to Long Island, accompanied por Ross, to visit him. 991490

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[Rachel is on a plane to London and talks about her reasons for her journey to a passenger across the aisle while another passenger is trying to sleep next to her] Rachel : [to the passenger across the aisle] So then I realized, all the stuff that I had been doing-proposing to Joshua, lying to Ross about why I couldn't come to the wedding-was all a way of trying to tell him.. Ross and Rachel screencaps from the episode The One Where Joey Speaks French from season 10. Rachel's dad has a cœur, coeur attack, so she goes to Long Island, accompanied par Ross, to visit him. 991444

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Ross and Rachel were on a break and he did nothing wrong. vote votes . vote votes. Ross was awesome and his bad rep in recent years is undeserved. vote votes . vote votes ARGUMENT #1: Ross Never Saw Rachel As a Friend, But Joey Did. From the moment the Friends first meet Rachel, Ross immediately sees her as a romantic prospect. He's never gotten over his crush on her Ross and Rachel screencaps from the episode The One Where Joey Speaks French from season 10. Rachel's dad has a corazón attack, so she goes to Long Island, accompanied por Ross, to visit him. 991462 Mar 23, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Cathryne Anderson. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

Ross and Rachel screencaps from the episode The One Where Joey Speaks French from season 10. Rachel's dad has a 심장 attack, so she goes to Long Island, accompanied 의해 Ross, to visit him. 991483 Ross and Rachel, the sitcom's great white whale of a relationship, managed to keep viewers on the will-they-won't-they train for a full decade Ross and Rachel 'we were on a break' hook-up: We're sure the sex was great, but all that arguing definitely ruined the mood. 7 of 16 Warner Bros 10. Ross and Rachel at the museum: There's just something disturbing about knowing that the two went to town on each other while fake cavemen watched — Dr. Rachael Ross (@drachaelfw) August 26, 2013. Short Pants and Wiki. Mother 's DayDr. Rachael was born at a well-educated household. Her dad David Ross and brother Nathaniel Ross are a physician. Her sister Rebekkah was a doctor. Likewise, her mother Ruthie Ross was able to function as office supervisor

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Ross doesn't like Ben playing with stereotypical 'girl's toys' Phoebe's a masseuse and Rachel's in fashion - sounds a bit Fans discover Matthew Perry's dad is in Friends. Friends: WE'RE. They were so much better for each other than Ross and Rachel, who had such an unhealthy, controlling relationship and such different interests. Joey and Rachel respected each other, saw eye to eye on so many things, had similar interests. Ross needs a super smart, nerdy housewife - pretty much the opposite of Rachel Sep 5, 2018 - by TvShowsQueen about Breaking Bad, Season 03 Episode 06. Sep 5, 2018 - by TvShowsQueen about Breaking Bad, Season 03 Episode 06. . Article from tvtime.com. This scene was hilarious by TvShowsQueen about Breaking Bad Funny Every Teenagers Ross And Rachel.

Chandler, intending to get back at Ross for kissing his crush, makes out with Rachel beforehand. Ross isn't pleased as he thought he had kissed Rachel that night. However, Monica eerily realized Ross never kissed Rachel at all. Monica had passed out on Ross's bed and Ross, thinking it was Rachel, had gotten his sister instead Ross and Rachel screencaps from the episode The One Where Joey Speaks French from season 10. Rachel's dad has a corazón attack, so she goes to Long Island, accompanied por Ross, to visit him. 991482 Still, those aren't bad odds, and if it's good enough for Ross and Rachel, it's good enough for you. Watch This: The Ross And Rachel Story Don't Miss: Weird-Ass Friends Merchandise That Even Joey Would Shar Episode 719: The One With Ross and Monica's Cousin; Episode 720: The One With Rachel's Big Kiss; Episode 721: The One With The Vows; Episode 722: The One With Chandler's Dad; Episode 723: The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding; Friends: The Stuff You've Never See I think you nailed it. In reference to Ross's relationship with his kids, it's worth noting that when Rachel is considering moving to France, it's assumed she will take Emma with her, and Ross will have visits with both Rachel and Emma (i.e., supervised visitation)

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Because Rachel, for better or worse we're still drooling over some of Rachel's finest styles (and her sick Ross burns). And sometimes, And sometimes, even when she was bad, she was so, so. 'Friends' Turns 20: The 20 Most Memorable Quotes From the Series. Watch the 20 funniest clips of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey What does Monica's dad give her to compensate ruining her childhood possesions? Medium: Which basketball team do Ross, Joey and Chandler support? Medium: Who introduced Phoebe and Mike? Medium: The 'Geller Cup' is a prize in which sport? Medium: Why is Ross suspended from his job at the museum? Medium: Where is Rachel leaving for in 'The Last.

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Ross learns Marcel is working on a movie, and the film's makeup artist seems to want Chandler; Monica and Rachel fight over Jean-Claude Van Damme, who appears as himself. Where to Watch Episode 1 In Friends, Ross and Rachel go on their first date as Monica weighs up whether to start dating a James Bond type. Share | Download (Loading) 036 - The Good Samaritan vs The One With The Prom Video. March 15, 2021. Last week was an ONYAPALOOZA where Friends picked up a vital win over Seinfeld

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Friends (1994) - S10E13 The One Where Joey Speaks French clip with quote ROSS: Oh, hi! Hi! Yarn is the best search for video clips by quote. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect clip Rachel tells her that it is unique and from a Flea Market: B: Ross, Carol and Susan's baby name: C: Chandler makes up this game so he can give Joey money without Joey losing his pride. D: Monica inherits one of these and Phoebe makes one of her own. Which then later catches on fire. E: Rachel and Ross baby's name or Chandler and Monica's baby's. more Season 2, The One With Phoebe's Dad Both Rachel and Monica got the minimalism message — even if it was because their apartment overheated in the middle of a Christmas party. Expand Photo Season 2, The One With the Baby on the Bus On the rare occasion that the friends spoke to anyone outside of their core group, chances.. ‎You've never seen Friends like this! Now in HD, collected here are the first five seasons of the hilarious and endearing Emmy®- and Golden Globe-winning comedy series that explores the lives and relationships of a group of friends living in New York City. Meet Monica (Courteney Cox), a type-A perso

Paul Stevens | Friends Central | FandomPlaymobil Town: The Families of Playmobil Town!Yoda quotes image by Rachel De La Rosa on I can relateIce Age The Meltdown

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Rachel : Oh my God, it's true! Mon and dad still know nothing! Ross <holding Rachel on his knees> : Hon, we'll tell them at our return. Well as for your mother, for you father I believe we can wait a bit, I mean at least 2 years! Rachel <smiles fondling Ross'lips> : Honey, I can assure my dad adore you! Ross : Uhmm Rachel : I swear it Rachel forces Ross to get the annulment, and as retribution for him lying to her, she fills out the annulment paperwork saying Ross is gay, mentally unstable, and addicted to intravenous drugs. When Ross contests the false information and reveals their previous relationship, the judge (Conchata Ferrell) then disallows an annulment and rules they must obtain a divorce

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